Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-08-15 20:01:55 UTC

Monetization schedule (2 months from idea to monetization)

This monetization schedule is to create products and test them in a fast peace. 

First month (Review, Build and Growth Hacking Strategy)

Week one (Review phase)
Review lists of ideas, make some research, try to find competitors, try to find best spots to get first customers, build a simple Business Model Canvas

Week two (Build MVP phase I)
Design and create database, select template, select tech stack, buy domain, start coding

Week three (Build MVP phase II)
Create all necessary code and build the payments system

Week four (Growth hacking strategy)
Select channels to launch, create strategy to approach market

Second month (Monetization)
Launch, feedback, learn, monetize, achieve the goal of $500 USD, MRR

If everything works and monetizes, put laser focus on creating value and raise the amount of MRR to achieve the next MRR goal. If I don’t achieve the goal, start over again. Rest a while (1 week max) think about the process, write about the learnings and go again for the next idea on the list.