Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-08-18 16:43:07 UTC

Making Decisions

Today I received an email from the DIAN who is the IRS from my country. Several months ago I decided to finish FloresyMas.com a startup that received money from VCs in Colombia, but failed. 

I quit to my daily activities on them about 4 years ago, and at the beginning of this years I take the decision to shut down completely the company. The hard thing here is that the startup has a lot of financial problems with the DIAN and the last manager and partners quit and run away from their responsibilities. I received money from one of them to solve these problems, but given my current money problem I couldn't use it to solve the company problems, instead trying to solve my personal problems. Seems like that approach solve my problems temporarily, but now I received the notification that allows me to think again in this past problems

Truth be said I really hate this kind of problem and for that I always tried to avoid it completely, ignoring the truth behind the problem. I really hate to think about it. But now is time to rethink my current strategy in my current startup. 

The reality is that DataSource is not monetizing at the level that I need, the team is not heavily engaged and I started to have doubts about their availability. I invest this whole year trying to make something with this startup, but as almost always I arrive at this point when I can't find the right customer, the right idea, the right solution. 

Now, I'm trying to figure out how to solve my current money problems. One of them is giving classes in makeitreal as a data scientist, that approach worked this year and at least I had an income. I think that I need to keep this job. 

Now I need to put focus on projects that monetize, with my current skills, what can I do? I think that I have the skills to make something in the intersection of web development and data science. Not too much advanced stuff, but something that medium level or beginners can find right to use. 

From here to December I need to find something that monetizes, something that allows me to believe again in the dream of financial freedom. 

The idea now is to be very open and correct with my current team about the next approach that I’ll be doing. And talk about my current financial situation. This email received by DIAN need to be the alert that tells me that I need to move now, move better, move intellengly and move to the monetization side immediately.