Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-08-23 22:48:57 UTC

Last week, this week

Last week I was trying to follow the shotgun approach, inspired by Alex West and I made a list of nre possible ideas to approach. Whit this list in mind, I started to create dataendpoint.co, and I advanced a lot on the design and creating on that platform. However this brianstorm help me aout to arrive to another solution within datasource.ai who allows me to pivot in the idea. 

The idea basically was to not approach companies in Latam and intead of that approach starups around the world and specially from USA. Also the other valuable things that I discovered about this pivot was the fact that I can play with almos each part of the project like.
- I can change de pricing plans
- I can change de target companies
- I can change the marketing copy
- I can change the geographically approach
- I can change the details of the competitions, like timing, prizes, allocation prizes and other rules

This king of changes allow to me to be uniq, and no to copy anyoneelse, and to have a unique value proposition. In this time focused on startups and to democratize the data science competicions. If you can see I started with a copy cat, but now I'm having a unique value proposition with the right model to approach

Thanks to this brainstorm I'm almos finishing the changes in the datasource platform to re-launch with this new approach. 

This week the idea is to start with startup school new program, focused on a 1 month sprint, trying to iterate , launch and even monetizaze during the sprint. I'll be dpijg that this week, so I hope to get my first approach ready and hoping to have a goos acceptance and first competitions rolling