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2020-09-01 20:42:30 UTC

Learn how you can be the #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt

This aritcule was originally postred at Sept 16 - 2019, when I launched Bookcademy...

Hi All!

I want to share with you the lessons learned on the process to be the #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt

I posted my startup last Friday 13th 2019 and I got 5 upvotes! and I thought that the launch was a big failure, and I had a long talking with my partner and she was more inclined to keep working and see what other paths we could explore. However, I was expecting short-term results from PH given the number of stories about success on launching there. It was a Friday the 13th for me, I seriously thought to quit to the effort to launch, but I finally got the conclusion that we needed more time and users to figure out if we were really on track. I downgrade my servers (balancers and other stuff) because for me that didn’t work!

As always, I tried to solve this thing with a book! Trying to find something in books that helps me to solve this concern. I found “Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth Hardcover” by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares. However, I didn’t advance too much on the lecture but I found inspiration to keep working and go forward!

Sunday morning (2 am CT) (2 days later!) and I started to receive lots of emails (from my alert system in the platform) that noticed me about a lot new user signups and errors with my server and with my transactional email provider. But I was sleeping! At 7 am I watch my emails and see such crazy stuff and I thought that I was hacked or something like that, but why if I had nothing yet? just a few users, and without payments system yet!. I was so curious, and I don’t used to touch my laptop or desktop Sundays, but this time was different.

When I was able to turn on my laptop I could saw an amount of traffic on my site and the referrer was: ProductHunt!

Totally unexpected, and I started immediately working and trying to solve the bugs in the platform and answering questions about the bugs! Once we have that ready, everything goes smooth and users love the product!

The key points here were:
  • You just need a good product with a clear value proposition
  • Posting probably doesn’t work the same day. Probably you need to wait a while
  • Be prepared, because once your post is live, servers need to run like a charm
  • Have good servers for at least 1–2 weeks or more
  • If you have a community behind that’s great, but if not (we don’t have one), people will discover your product on that platform (that’s the game)
  • Don’t launch Fridays, the best day for launch is from Monday to Wednesday (given that you probably need to wait to see votes)
  • Best hour to launch is at 6 am GMT

Here is the result: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/bookcademy-2