Daniel Morales_

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2020-09-01 20:48:51 UTC

Launching today on ProductHunt again. But this time with DataSource.ai

Seems like I made a big mistake with this launch, because I launched yeasterday at nigth, especifically 10pm GMT-7, thinking about to have the Asia dn Europe trractio, but seems like the real hour for ProductHunt is 00:00 PT. So, big mistake.

I wake up today with just 2 upvotes and as the last time, I'm thinking that this is a failure. My team and I promoted the launching and now we got 47 upvotes, but the bad news is that this is all... I decided to stop self-promoting, because the general idea is to be hunted by producthunt users, and seems like anybody note us. So for now I'll be following a list of other sites where I can post.