Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-09-02 19:23:42 UTC

New Decisions

I made the decision to separate DataSource in 3. DataSource, DataJobs and DataCademy, with the idea to grow in different ways and with different purposes. 

First of all, datajobs will help me to get more and continous leads (data scientists), who signup to apply to a job. The jobs are fully-remote in data scienece globally. So, I need to post in Spanish and English. It's the same job postings as I was making before with DataSource, but this time the idea is to full my email listings with leads in spanish to participatre in my Courses, Screencasts and Youtube Channel, and the idea is that this will be like my engineering as marketing. Also, for english registered people I can send emailing related with other app ideas.

Then, DataCademy will help me to monetize rapidly. Rigth now I'm in 3 months average $80 USD MRR, just with the sells made under Udemy course and with the sells made inside DataSource. So I'll need to extract that feature to make a new brand focused just courses and with an interactive approach. I've this done with Bookcademy.  

DataSource will continue as Data Science competitions (at least by now), trying to find startups who sponsor competitions. Very soon I'll be getting new platforms.