Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-09-02 19:25:29 UTC

$80 USD MRR with Data Science Courses

It's promising to see the first monetizing project, who is making money mainly trough Udemy. The total amount of students is 45, and I'll be needed to promote more and better my courses and obviolsy create new ones. For that reason I decided to extract features from my main product DataSource to be specialized in each business branch. To make that a reality I'll need to create a new brand, this time itll be called DataCademy.dev. Probably is a good idea to pay some ads, but just when I have 2-3 great courses. 

Courses will be created one day per-week. Another good strategy to have new students is giving free tutorials via Youtube, I actually have more that 400 susbscribers, that is a good starting point. I can make something like a weekly screencast talking about advanced topics in data scienece, because the courses needs to be more advanced to have some kind of differentiation. Just a few courses touch advanced topics. This time the courses will be starting in spanish because is my native language and I have some database of possible students. 

A good target to have here is a $500 usd MRR

Probably once I have some traction I'll be needed to upgrade my setup, and buy a good microphone and camera. And probably use a better software to record lectures.