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2020-08-15 17:59:37 UTC

How can I sell the vision to a team without? — 4 simple steps

Look at stars… you can probably did or do, but maybe your team not. You can probably see or will see the future, the way or the next step but your partners and employees not.

That would be the beginning of a big trouble ’cause you need support points not obstacle points.

Maybe your team hadn’t read, listened or viewed any success story or success people. They are living in a “scarcity life” (or maybe scarcity mindset) and they can’t believe that things will happen for them. The problem here is: one person will can not change their mindset overnight. That takes time, a lot of time. Believe in that you will achieve the success is very hard and require a lot of time, books, movies, audios, real life examples and more.

Have a great vision it depends of you can have a successful mindset. Typically have a vision means: “You can see, imagine and visualize things will happen in the future. Things that another people can’t see. Sometimes, crazy and out of the box things”

Have a vision for me is an skill more than a one esoteric thing, ’cause you can practice and do it part of your life. Your can write about, share it and make it happen.

Now, how can I sell this vision to my team?

First of all, sell is the key word here ’cause you will need this skill for share your vision. Sell means: you will should “infect” your team with your vision. For example:

In Colombia, when I was launch my last startup (and where I live for now) the people mindset (how you might would imagine) are from “scarcity”. The scarcity environment is contagious ’cause your family, friends, colleagues basically everyone live in a “scarcity mindset”. This is the reality. So when you approach this people with and “abundance mindset” this type of person will think that your are basically crazy and out of the reality. With that you will might imagine how hard is sell the big price, picture and dream here. The least tag for you will be: dreamer, scammer or …. another big bullshits.

However I did decided make it possible. My first job was tell the story:

1- What is a Venture Capital Firm? in that point I needed explain to my team and key employees How it works?, Whats is their target?, When their money comes from?, What will they expect of us? How they works in another countries? Why did decided they will support us? so… all the things for that they can to undertand what really are happening and they will can feel part of that

2- Once they’ve clear about that the next job is will explain the key targets such as: expansion, fast growth, next rounds, possible exits and more.

3- Once the key employees know the actual startup situation you will can have will commit them e.g shares, not high salaries

4- Vesting Form. Once you had share your vision and explain them how it works you need put their commit on a Vesting Form. This is the best way to retain your best talent and protect your startup. In that point you have the target, you sold the vision.

Note: you don’t need explain every point to every team member. You need sell your vision only to key employees.

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