Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-09-10 00:50:43 UTC

Having datacademy.dev Ready

I have almost ready datacademy.dev. It takes me just like 2 days to have all the code neccesary to host courses and screencasts related to datascience. However this time the intent is to have a dedicated platform just for education in spanish. This is because is my main skill right now and I'll need to explore this way of living, as a teacher!

Truth be said, in spanish we haven't too much material to learn, and the best tutorials is obviouly made in English. My approach is to have high quality and intermediate/advanced data scienece courses and screencasts. The idea with screencast is to have at least one per week. With courses the idea is to have 1 each month/ or 2 months with that last between 10-15 hours each one. With diverse and correlated topics, all of them in data scienece and with a price range of $19.99 to $49.99.

Last and most relevant goal here is to gain more knowledge every time, because you know: "Teaching we learn the double". 

I have 2.5 years of experience as mentor/teacher, so I already know lots of tips and tricks to teach effectivly. Once I reach $500 usd monthy, I'll upgrade my setup: micro and camera.