Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-09-24 01:27:47 UTC

Working on 5 different projects simultaneously

Currently I'm working on different projects, at the same time, and this kind of approach has some pros and cons

  1. * I keep motivation high
  2. * Change projects per day keeps me in a good mood
  3. * I learn from different projects
  4. * I can test different ideas and make a good protfolio
  5. * I'll never know before the execution wich one will'be a winner
  6. * Is like to have a micro-vc when I invest time in better projects
  7. * I can test all ideas that I had before, but I was aware of this strategy
  8. * I need to be really good with time management and distractions
  9. * When I'll have MVPs ready, and start monetizing I'll get different income sources
  10. * I need to automate lot of tasks when MVP will be ready

* Some tasks keeps pendings
* Its necessary to repeat some code in different projects, which is a bad thing
* I have limited time, so I can't have done all things I want in a short-term period
* If one idea really kicks-off, probably I'll need to shut-down some of the others. This is a good thing at the same time
* Lower time in marketing. I need to put more time on this task
* Burn-out feeling sometimes. 
* In the short-term, I have less time to learn new things and for study ML