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2020-08-15 18:25:33 UTC

Gathering experiences

In this post, I want to remember a few practical concepts and experiences that I lived in past years. 

I've been creating a lot of products in recent years. However, so few of them created so much value for the intended customers. These conclusions were based on the numbers, the only one who creates value was an e-commerce. But we can't talk about real value, because that idea was losing money, so it wasn't profitable, even with the help of investors. 

All other was ideas that helped me to create digital product and practice my skills, but nothing relevant. 

My commitment on each new idea was about between 6 -12 months. That's engough time to test if the idea is valuable. Here I need to be honest, to try to learn the real value behind each of one

Time invested: 1 year
July 2017 - June 2018
Accelerator help
Latam Market
# customers = 0
MRR = 0

Time invested: 1 year
June 2018 - June 2019
USA Market
# customers = 0
MRR = 0

Time invested: 1 year - 2 months
June 2019 - August 2020
USA Market
Sign ups: 2.130
First months = FREE

April 2020
MRR = $7.99
May 2020
MRR = $47.94
Jun 2020
MRR = $23.97
Jul 2020
MRR = $7.99

  • I need to search for monetization since the beginning
  • I need to look for USA/wordwide products
  • Less commitment time, less features, test income first