Daniel Morales_

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2020-08-15 18:36:31 UTC

Bookcademy experiences

Time invested: 1 year - 2 months
June 2019 - August 2020
USA Market
Sign ups: 2.130
First months = FREE

April 2020
MRR = $7.99
May 2020
MRR = $47.94
Jun 2020
MRR = $23.97
Jul 2020
MRR = $7.99

With almost 1.000 commits, lots of iterations, free service for the first  8 months, lost of signups, first place in producthunt, and some international buzz the product is now dead. Why? look at the numbers. First of all I receive a lot of feedback about the copyrigths with book authors, then I needed to create a lot of content per book, so is not worth to coninue given the results. 

Probably I could test this idea just with a simple MVP with fake features, or real features, but from the beginning have the paywall ready, with the features to test the payments. In May I had $47.94 bucks, that seemed to be interesting enogh, but users don't renew subscription, so that means no value. 

Now, the conclusion is to shut down the service.