Daniel Morales_

Maker - Data Scientist - Ruby on Rails Fullstack Developer


2020-08-15 19:49:45 UTC

New mindset to approach daily activities, habits, routines and projects

The first thing that I need now is to have the correct mindset about projects, habits, routines and activities. One of them is for instance asking me if this activity is monetizable. This could happen with screencasts, for instance. I need to finish the Python screencast, but if I ask myself if this activity ends up with a monetizing strategy the answer is no. For that I couldn't do this activity anymore, if this is not my main monetization activity. 

So, I’ll need to ask me always this questions
  1. 1. Does this activity make me earn money almost immediately?
  2. 2. Is this activity inside my monetization schedule?
  3. 3. Laser focus on trying to monetize just this products, other things are a waste of time.